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Deploy Alfresco Enterprise Content Management / BPM

Simplify and improve your IT systems

With the best Cloud Computing offerings

Define your IT strategy

Take the best decisions on IT deployments with the support of our experts.

Facial recognition technology

Security controls, demographic analysis, y much more.

Apropia provides ease of access and deployment of world class technologies

Deploy today a renowned Enterprise Content Management Software

Alfresco helps manage thousands of documents efficiently to achive availability, agility, security and quality of your content and documents.

  • Centralize and manage documents and content.
  • Track where your documents are with workflows.
  • Find and clasify your organization’s information according to your needs.

Never lose control of your documents.

Avoid unwanted loss of information.

Find any time of content in seconds.

You choose how to find them easier. We implement it.

Improve and make your content process faster.

Workflows, rules, notifications and more.

Join thousands of companies harnessing the power of Alfresco for streamlining processes.

Only open source software tool on the ECM Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Evolve your IT strategy with Cloud Computing

With our Amazon Web Services certified experts, your organización can leverage the power of Cloud Computing, applying strategies for simplifying IT administrative overhead, reducing operative risks and at the same time cutting costs.

Make sure your business is never down.

Backup and disaster recovery.

Operate with hybrid system.

Extend your capabilities with the Cloud.

Make your applications bullet proof.

Unlimited scalability, real-time monitoring. Never lose control.

Join thousands of companies harnessing the power of Alfresco for streamlining processes.

Only open source software tool on the ECM Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition to your camera systems.

Now it’s possible to enhance video camera systems for real time monitoring with artificial intelligence, for different use cases: security, access control, demographic analysis, behavioural analysis, among others.

Take your security systems to the next level.

Facial recognition and statistics.

Demographic and statistical analysis on people.

Understand how people move around your target area.

Machine learning integration.

Custom analysis models and notifications.


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